Our policies

Payment options

All vendors accept cash and market tokens, and most of our vendors accept credit/debit cards directly. Tokens may be purchased at the market information tent using debit, credit, or SNAP/EBT cards. SNAP purchases for eligible foods up to $10 per person per week will be matched, with support from our sponsors, and individual donations from our customers.

Coronavirus protocols

At this time, our outdoor farmers' market is not subject to any special restrictions. We will continue to monitor all state and local health department requirements and will respond in full compliance as needed.

Some vendors may choose to implement new procedures on their own, and will post signage to that effect. Everyone is, of course, welcome to wear face coverings, but it is not required.


Full info for prospective vendors

Non-profits: Guidelines for users of non-profit "tables"

  • Waltham Farmers' Market supports Waltham-based non-profit organizations with free tabling opportunities to help promote their missions and programs.
  • A maximum attendance of one market per month is available to each non-profit.
  • Organizers can talk with market customers at their table -- please do not approach customers away from the table or roam around the market soliciting interest.
  • Non-profits must provide their own table, chairs, and other equipment.
  • Non-profit spaces do not accommodate tents, but vendor tent spaces may become available due to cancellations, for example, and may be used by non-profits at the discretion of the Market Manager. The Market Manager may be able to notify you in advance, but usually tent space availability for non-profits is last-minute.
  • Sales and fundraising are not permitted, other than displaying a donation can or jar, and selling the organization's identity items (bumper-stickers, hats, mugs, etc. with the organization's logo).
  • Participation of non-profits is at the sole discretion of the Waltham Farmers' Market.
  • Organizations must arrange their participation with the market manager, Leo Keightley, who can be contacted at 781-899-0324 or manager@walthamfarmersmarket.org

Guidelines for Political Activity at the Market

The mission of the Waltham Farmers’ Market is to provide healthy, affordable food for the community; to support small local farmers; to help revitalize the downtown; and to create a community gathering place.

In order to provide the best experience for our shoppers, while allowing for dialogue, we have some simple guidelines for people seeking signatures on political documents and for campaigning.

  • You are welcome to make yourself available for people to talk with you immediately outside the market boundaries, but please find a spot to stand that does not impede the flow of shoppers into and out of the market.
  • Let shoppers approach you if they are interested. Do not approach shoppers doing business with vendors, or follow shoppers to get their attention.
  • Holding a small sign is allowed.
  • Candidates may not have tables at the market.
  • The market manager has the final decision about whether or not someone’s activities are acceptable. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Thank you for your cooperation and your support of the Waltham Farmers’ Market.