Cup Love Coffee

This company is no longer here.

From its humble origins, coffee has come to occupy a significant place in our society. Coffee touches so many lives throughout the day and is part of millions of people’s morning ritual. As the sun climbs, coffee brings people together in a way unlike any other beverage. Over a shared cup of coffee friends meet, new romances arise, and the wheels of commerce turn. Into the evening, students and professionals power through deadlines and dining companions share an espresso to conclude a fine meal.

We are three friends and classmates who fell in love with coffee on a trip to South America. There is something captivating about the art of cultivating coffee and the care involved in growing and harvesting even a single pound. We love the tradition around coffee as well as its new directions and wanted to form a business around this amazing beverage. After tasting craft coffees and their exciting new flavor profiles, we were drawn to the “third wave” coffee movement, which treats coffee as an artisanal product, much like fine wine. We also want to take this opportunity to give back to our community by committing a percentage of proceeds to local charities. We welcome suggestions of organizations we should consider.

We have searched the globe sampling coffee beans from unique locations and worked to develop roasting profiles that truly celebrate the complex flavors and characteristics of the bean offering you a truly special (exceptional) experience. Our search continues.

Join us on our journey at the market and at our website: Cup Love Coffee.