The 2023 season is finished.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Will there be a Waltham Farmers' Market in 2024?

We are working to make it so. We have several people in the process of joining our organizing team already.

2. Who is leaving the organizing committee?

Missy, Martha and Leo are stepping down after years of ceaseless service, but you will see them at market for shopping, visiting, and returning to volunteer on occasion. The rest of the team is committed to stay as long as it takes for a smooth transition. Some of us plan to continue into the foreseeable future. 

3.  I've heard the location might be a construction site next year. Where will the market be?

We are pretty confident we'll have somewhere in walking distance from our customers. We are looking at two city-owned sites, one in the Moody St area, and another one on Main St.

We are asking those who are able to please help those in-need—those living in a world of food insecurity. You might not be able to give someone a job, and you might not be able to pay someone’s rent, but chances are you can throw in $10 to put food on a family’s table.

Online donations can be made here or checks can be mailed to: Waltham Farmers' Market, P.O. Box 541161, Waltham MA 02454. 100% of your donation goes to the SNAP Match. Thank you for considering a donation to the WFM.

Different varieties of tomatoes on wooden background. Top view.

Waltham Farmers' Market
P.O. Box 541161
Waltham MA 02454