Every Saturday from 9:30AM to 2:00PM
June 6th through October 31
rain or shine

119 School St
the corner of School and Lexington

In light of the current pandemic, the WFM wants to reach out to our valued shoppers on behalf of our vendors and the Market itself. While the current situation calls for all of us not to spread the virus, it is more important than ever to fulfill our mission to provide access to healthy, fresh affordable food and support local producers and small farms.

If you're interested in spending a few hours helping us keep it all moving smoothly, send an email to our volunteer coordinator.

FAQ about coronavirus protections at farmers' markets in Massachusetts

Below are the main rules for keeping safe at the market. You'll see this sign all around the one-way route, passing all the vendors.


In this new directory, in addition to our 2020 vendors, we have included people who will not be at our market this year. Some participated in the past, and some are new vendors we were hoping to introduce at this season’s Market. For various reasons, they are unable to comply with current mandates, but to support our mission of supporting local farmers and businesses, we’ve chosen to include them. See their sites for the most up-to-date information. We hope to see many of them back next year.

Map of new market layout

Photos of our first day. Many changes against Coronavirus were made, but we believe it went well. Thanks for photos by Peg Mallett.


Have you ever worried about having enough food for you and your family? 

Since 2011, the Waltham Farmers' Market has increased access to healthy, local food in our community by enabling people to use their SNAP dollars at our market to purchase eligible food products.

We provide a dollar-for-dollar match program, giving up to $10 per EBT card holder, per week. In 2012, the year we began matching SNAP dollars, we doubled approximately $1,000 in SNAP sales. This past season, in 2019, the demand for our matching dollars rose to over $10,000. To fund this program's growing need in Waltham, we're increasing our fundraising efforts.

We need YOU. We invite you to support our SNAP match program.

Your donation — 100% of it — benefits shoppers and our local farmers, as we are a volunteer-run organization. Waltham Fields Community Farm, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is our fiscal sponsor, allowing deductibility for gifts to the Waltham Farmers’ Market. We will send a receipt if you send a check, or you can print your PayPal receipt if you go that way. To donate please mail your check to:

Waltham Farmers' Market
P.O. Box 541161
Waltham MA 02454 

Waltham Farmers' Market

P.O. Box 541161
Waltham MA 02454