All 2017 Vendors Organized by Type

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The Sibling Farmer Market

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Roma Bakery

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Brookie’s Cookies for Dogs

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Fiamma Glass-Urban Mycology (

Mgreenstein designs

Re-Design (

Shayna=E2=80=99s Handmade Handbags (

Succulents By Sandy (


Bread Obsession

Our signature product are Water Bagels New York Style, made fresh daily for you in the traditional way: Boiled, baked and dressed on both sides. Our ingredients are pure, all-natural, and we do not add any preservatives. No questions about it…

Here is a video. 

Here’s an article at Wicked Local. 

Bread Obsession‘s web site.

Boston Smoked Fish Company


Matt is on a mission to share with his fellow Bostonians  how delicious smoked fish can be, and that it can be made right here at home with wholesome, local ingredients.

From hand-selecting the fresh fish each morning on the Boston Fish Pier (much of it caught just hours earlier), Matt oversees the marriage of fresh fish, spices, and aromatic smoke in small batches to make sure what is on your plate is the best possible smoked fish you can find.  Read more about this company. 

  • Filets are good refrigerated for 50 days, 90 days if frozen

  • Pates are good for 2-3 weeks if refrigerated, 4 weeks if frozen

Boston Smoked Fish

Brookie’s Cookies for Dogs

This will be our third year at the Waltham Farmers’ Market. Brookie’s Cookies started 3 years ago for my yellow lab Brady, to give him treats that are healthy and to know exactly what ingredients go into his cookies. I enjoyed making them so much I thought it would be great to sell them at the Market.
I have samples at the table for the dogs to try before they purchase the cookies. They are made with peanut butter, pumpkin, oatmeal, eggs flour and milk.
My first Market this year I sold out of them in 2 hours! The best part of the market for me is to see all of the dogs and to share stories about the customers dogs and my dog Brady.
I named them after my 19 year old niece Brookie who lost her battle to Angiosarcoma 5 years ago.

Burnshirt Valley Farm

We are a family farm, operating since 1980, providing Heritage pork, piglets, chicken, and duck. We’re building towards sustainability through diversity, taking the innovations of today alongside ideas of the past.

At Burnshirt Valley Farm, our own Free Range Heritage Breed Pork and piglets are rotationally grazed for the mutual benefit of pigs and pasture. We keep our own breeding stock, a heritage Tamworth boar, two Tamworth sows, and one China sow, which ensures the availability of healthy piglets.

From day one, the piglets are able to roam the entire farm, foraging for grass, nuts, and bugs. At eight weeks, they are weaned from the sow and moved to separate housing in large pens. The pens are moved once the ground has been thoroughly disturbed, bringing rocks to the surface and removing brush and other less desirable plants. The pigs are moved in this fashion until they reach market weight. We feed our pigs Poulin grain, which provides the bulk of their feed. They’re supplemented with local hay for additional winter forage.
Burnshirt Valley Farm

Buzz & Thrive Gardens

The horticulturalist at Buzz and Thrive says that growing plants is his passion. “I’ve been working in greenhouses since I was 14 years old. It’s what I studied in college. Most recently, I was a horticulturist for six years at Tower Hill Botanical Gardens. I love talking about what’s new and exciting in the plant world, and I love providing helpful tips that I’ve learned throughout my career.

In 2015, I decided to showcase my passion by opening Buzz and Thrive Gardens. At Buzz and Thrive, you’ll see my excitement, care, and expertise in every plant.”

— Patrick Hillman, Founder
Buzz & Thrive Gardens

El Camino

As a new vendor at our market starting in the spring of 2015, El Camino has become a favorite
for their Empanadas, fresh cooked at the market, and for their line of frozen meals.
El Camino Foods specializes in the preparation and distribution of authentic Puerto Rican rice dishes. The company’s founders and owners are a husband/wife team; David and Elizabeth Silva. Chef Elizabeth G. Silva has been cooking for her family for all of her adult life. At a young age, she learned her way around a kitchen from two great master chefs; her grandmother and her aunt. Over the years, she has built a strong reputation with her Puerto Rican rice and homemade sofrito; the secret ingredient in most authentic Puerto Rican dishes. All of their rice dishes are made with the freshest ingredients responsibly sourced from local farmers.
El Camino

C & C Lobsters & Fish


C&C Lobster and Fish is a family run lobster business providing fresh caught local live lobsters and fish year round. Chris and Carolyn Manning and their four children are involved in all aspects of their lobster business. Chris has been a full-time commercial lobsterman since 1982. He runs a beautiful lobster boat named the “Carolyn M.” Chris and his brother-in-law go out daily to haul a portion of their 800 traps. All the fresh caught lobsters are landed at their home dock in Hull, MA. In addition to selling at area farmers’ markets, C&C lobsters are also delivered to local restaurants.

In addition to their lobster, C&C also offers the freshest caught fish you can get. The fish is caught daily, cut fresh, and picked up the morning of the market.

Did you know: You can pre-order from C&C and your order will be ready for you on Saturday when you come to the market. Sign up for C&C’s email list, and each week they’ll send you a list of fish they expect you will be able to pre-order.

Calcutta Curry

9/22/17 update: we’re sorry to say that Calcutta Curry has had to cancel their appearance at our market.

Calcutta Curry started with a mission to introduce home style Indian food to the local New England community. We want our authentic recipes and honest ingredients to bring people together and provide a wonderful, delicious experience.

Calcutta Curry

Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery

Cucina Aurora is a small, woman owned, local business. Every time you purchase Cucina Aurora products on our website or by visiting a retailer in your neighborhood, you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality, handmade, gourmet cooking products for you and your family. We encourage people to cook together, eat together and learn about each other’s lives around the dinner table. By using Cucina Aurora’s products, already infused not only with flavor, but with love, you can make quick, easy and healthy meals you can bring Meal Time Magic to your table every day.
Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery

Deanos Pasta

Over 60 years ago, Matarazzo family recipes were used in creating real homemade style fresh pastas for the finest Italian restaurants in the Boston area. Discriminating chefs quickly realized the unmatched quality and began to rely on them for all of their fresh pasta needs. Now generations later, the same commitment to quality and consistency is the foundation of our company.

Established in 1947 by Ralph Matarazzo and owned and operated today by Dean Matarazzo, the tradition for excellence continues. Deano’s Pastacia, Inc. creates a full line of traditional pasta products while Original Gourmet Creation, Inc. inspires exciting flavor combination and varieties. Both companies share the same passion for all-natural products made with only the freshest ingredients.
Deanos Pasta

Dick’s Market Garden

Raymond and Janey from Dick's Market Garden

Family-owned and operated, Dick’s Market Garden grows a wide variety of herbs and vegetables. Using a combination of certified fertilizers, IPM, and organic fungicides, the farm operates on a sustainable level. The farm, in Lunenburg, is run by Stephen Violette.

Dick’s Market Garden

Elpiniki Bakery Boutique

Authentic, hand crafted and natural–all of our products represent the pinnacle of quality in their categories. Our products begin in the hands of the world’s most capable growers and find the most direct route to our baskets. Elpiniki continually scours the world in search of the finest foods, first to stock our own pantries, and then to share our finds with you.
Elpiniki Bakery Boutique

Far From The Tree Cider

Far From The Tree Cider is a craft cider company specializing in unique, high-quality hard cider made from local ingredients. Most apples don’t fall far from the tree, and the ciders made from them are generally quite similar. We are making a craft hard cider based on a very different philosophy. Far From The Tree respects tradition by controlling the entire production process from apple pressing straight through to bottling. Our cider is made with local apples and exclusively natural ingredients.
Far From The Tree Cider

Fiamma Glass-Urban Mycology

Fiamma Glass Studio began offering their creations at the market during the 2015 season. Caterina Urrata and David Weintraub started off as hobbyists, and graduated with degrees in fine arts through Massachusetts College of Art and Design. They settled in Newton and opened their flameworking studio, Fiamma Glass, now located on Maple Street in Waltham. In the last year or so the studio has become a much more public operation as they have expanded to 8 full torch stations and have begun to offer a full range of flame working classes.
Fiamma Glass-Urban Mycology

Halvah Heaven

Welcome to the only artisan, small batch halvah company in North America! This wonderful tahini based candy is loaded with protein and calcium and has centuries of history in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Unlike mass-produced halvah for sale worldwide, our product contains no artificial flavoring or preservatives. We also offer flavors that go beyond the traditional vanilla and chocolate offerings. In addition to our six delightful everyday flavors, we offer seasonal choices to spice up special occasions.
Halvah Heaven

Healthy Waltham

Healthy Waltham was born out of the need for the people of Waltham to come together for the health of our community. Formed as a community coalition, we started with a small grant to look at ways to improve health in Waltham and a second grant focused on increasing fruits and vegetables served in school cafeterias. Since then, our work has evolved and grown. We have reached thousands of people through partnerships and collaborations; outreach events; youth and children’s programs; cooking demos and nutrition education; community walks; school and community gardens; and so much more.
Healthy Waltham

Heavens Harvest Farm

We are a 17 year and counting Organic Farm, certified by Baystate Organic Certifiers (a certifying agency under the authority of the USDA). Our Summer product is primarily grown right here at Heavens Harvest Farm in New Braintree, Massachusetts. To continue to offer the substantial variety that our customers and share holders have asked for and become accustomed to, we have established a reciprocal buying relationship with a number of Western Massachusetts certified organic farms and local IPM orchards.

Our continuing collaborative relationship with these other farms only strengthens our ability to provide for you, the consumer, the best quality, variety, and nutritious organic vegetables and fruit.
Heavens Harvest Farm

Jaju Pierogi

A FAMILY TRADITION. Sixty-five years ago, our Jaju started a Polish food business with his brothers and sisters in Western Massachusetts—hand-crafting pierogi, golabki, and kielbasa for their community. Fast forward to the ‘90s and you’d find us, Vanessa and Casey, spending our weekends cutting, stuffing, and sealing pierogi in the back kitchen alongside our elders.
Pierogi was a typical item on our dinner plates, something we took for granted. When we moved out to Boston for school and work, pierogi became more difficult to come by and we had to wait for deliveries from our mom. Friends talked of having to buy the mass-produced pierogi to get their fix! For us, that just wasn’t okay. We would have to do something about it. In 2015, we dug out our grandfather’s handwritten recipes and got to work, perfecting traditional, handmade pierogi for Boston.
Jaju Pierogi

Powerhouse Juice

We are the first mobile cold pressed, organic, and made to order juice bar in Middlesex County. We strive on producing one of a kind juice and smoothies using locally sourced, organic produce when possible. With the help of local companies that believe health and our well being is one of the most important things we have.

Unlike many of our competitors our smoothies have no fillers, purees, ice, sorbet, ice cream, frozen yogurt and no unhealthy sweeteners. Just 100% pure fruits and vegetables. Our Smoothies can also have your choice of homemade almond milk, soy, or cow’s milk added for a thicker creamier smoothie.

Allowing us to come to you makes everything easier. You don’t have to buy, wash, and juice at home. Cleaning the machines and coming up with juice flavors can be daunting. We want to make drinking organic cold pressed juice enjoyable. With so many health benefits and the convenience of buying our products where you are will be a life changer.

We are Powerhouse Juice, a 6 x 12 mobile concession trailer who goes to different locations daily, private functions, and you can even see us at local farmer’s markets. As a family owned organic mobile juice bar, we strive on serving the highest quality and locally sourced produce in all of our juices, smoothies, and Acai bowls.
Powerhouse Juice

Recreo Coffee & Roasterie

El Recreo Estate Farm is a family owned and operated 364 acre plantation that has produced premium coffee for over 40 years.

The farm was owned by the Ferrey-Machado family back in 1972, but the land has grown coffee since 1905.

In 1992, El Recreo Estate used reforestation to upgrade the land and start an era of farming. The increased growth of infrastructure allowed a high standard coffee quality harvest and opened the market to international markets.

Since that time, and with a micro-climate that benefits an optimal environment for coffee growth, the estate has been a leader in promoting economic and social progress, keeping environmentally sustainable agricultural techniques.

In late 2011, Miriam (daughter of farm owners) & Hector Morales founded El Recreo Estate Coffee, Inc. They are dedicated to bring this high quality coffee to you straight from the farm.
Recreo Coffee & Roasterie

Samira’s Homemade Food

Samira’s Homemade Food is a small family business.
We cook for our customers as we’re cooking for our family. We started making our dips at the request of our friends. They kept on raving about our food saying to us, “This is the best Hummus we’ve ever tasted! Why don’t you sell it? So we did”

By meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs with our healthy and fresh food, our business has grown through reputation and word of mouth.

We invite you to try our delicious and healthy food, and thank you for choosing Samira’s Homemade!
Samira’s Homemade Food

Shayna’s Handmade Handbags

Shayna Made bags are made by hand, in Massachusetts. I use upholstery remnants, leather, handmade vintage carpets, and fabrics from many other places. Or pick out your own fabric and I will make a custom bag just for you.

Each one-of-a-kind bag has a lining and usually 7 pockets. A place for everything–cell phone, wallet, notebook, pencils, pens, keys, a zippered compartment for cosmetics, and enough room for just plain stuff. Most measure 15″ wide by 12″ deep and 4″ across the bottom. Handles are 36-44″ and some are adjustable.
Shayna’s Handmade Handbags

The Sibling Farmer Market

Farmer Jor Her and his family are originally from Laos.  They arrive at the market every week from their Brockton, MA farm, bringing with them a beautiful and varied selection of vegetables.  As you might expect, their special focus is on Asian varieties, and shoppers can enjoy Chinese Okra, Lemongrass, Long Beans and Bitter Melon.

Smith’s Country Cheese

Searching for New England traditions? Look no further than a picturesque spot in the hills of Winchendon, Massachusetts. Here at Smith’s, old fashioned family traditions and hard work are combined to produce our Farmstead Cheeses. Our Gouda rivals any made in the Netherlands. It has the same mild taste, creamy texture and small, bubbly eyes. An excellent dessert cheese, it is also great for cooking and melts beautifully.

Our cheeses and spreads are made from the freshest milk possible, just minutes after the last cow in our dairy herd is milked. The result is true farmstead cheese! Smith’s Country Cheese produces, not only the original farmstead Gouda in a variety of flavors, but also cheddar in medium, sharp, and extra sharp … and now our newest addition, Havarti. Anyone who recognizes the appeal of farm fresh milk will enjoy the rich and creamy flavor of our Gouda, Cheddar and Havarti cheeses. Unlike factory produced cheese, our Gouda, Cheddar and Havarti share much of the same characteristic quality, distinction and appeal as other hand-crafted culinary products or beverages.
Smith’s Country Cheese

Succulents By Sandy

Succulents are surging in popularity for several simple reasons: They are beautiful, nearly indestructible and add interesting color and texture to small, quiet spaces at home or the office. Along with an artful array of shapes, succulents also brings healing, harmony and energy. I create succulents arrangements in various containers. I would like to share the vibrant succulents with the community and also meet other succulent lovers!
Succulents By Sandy


Our story started with our arrival in North America, initially in Canada and then New England, where swissbäkers was established.
In ‘98 our kids stopped eating bread. Why – we asked? Being kids of bakers, they simply missed the crunch! So we reintroduced them to the “crunch” by baking Swiss breads and rolls in Helene’s kitchen. Helene and Thomas continued this tradition in the downtown area of Boston and then expanded their capacities and capabilities with the move to Boston’s suburbs.
Our credo is: No additives or artificial ingredients. All hand made. We can tell you that each product you buy was baked that morning.

The Warren Farm & Sugarhouse

The Warren Farm specializes specializes in the production of specialty food items, pure maple syrup, and maple confections. We grow many of the ingredients – fruits, berries, vegetables, and herbs – used in our unique line of gourmet preserves, savory oils, sauces, and baked goods, all made right here on the farm. The plants we grow and sell are started from seed in our greenhouses and gently raised by hand, using organic, IPM and non-aggressive methods of raising food. Our farm stand is open all year, though hours vary seasonally due to farmers markets, fairs, and other events that we attend.
The Warren Farm & Sugarhouse